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ELLSWORTH A New Jersey man was sentenced Friday to 25 years in prison for killing his father during a hunting trip last fall in Hancock County, according to officials.

Alan Michalik, 34, pleaded guilty last week to murder for shooting his father in the head after they had been hunting in Township 8, east of Ellsworth. Justice Ellen Gorman, sitting in Sagadahoc County Superior Court in Bath, sentenced Michalik to the minimum possible term, defense attorney Jeff Toothaker of Ellsworth said Friday.

the scale of murder, this isn the most heinous, Toothaker said. was probably impaired somewhat when it occurred. alcohol and drug abuse has been a constant subject throughout the legal proceedings and also came up in his sentencing. It was raised earlier this year by Toothaker when the defense attorney tried unsuccessfully to have his client confession to state police barred from testimony. wholesale nfl jerseys Toothaker argued that his client was too intoxicated to confess when police questioned him at an Ellsworth motel about his father death on Nov. 12.

Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson, who prosecuted the case, said Friday that Michalik should have received a longer sentence. In the state sentencing memorandum, Benson argued that Michalik should receive a sentence of 35 years.

slightly disappointed in the sentence, but it is certainly in the [acceptable] range, Benson said Friday.

Gorman also cited Michalik decision to admit his crime and spare his family a trial, Benson said.

took responsibility for what he had done, the prosecutor said.

Michalik had been hunting with his father on Nov. 8 in the woods behind the elder Michalik Route 179 cabin when they started arguing during the return walk back, according to state police. Michalik shot his father in the back of his head, killing him instantly. He then buried him in a shallow grave and covered the grave with a pallet and bedspring to hide the body, they said.

Hours before Alfred Michalik body was found, the Hancock County Sheriff Department on the morning of Nov. 11 summoned Alan Michalik for operating a motor vehicle wile under the influence of alcohol.

The defendant two sisters and his mother asked Gorman for leniency in a written statement they submitted to the court before the sentencing. In the statement, Michalik sisters, Melissa and Teresa Michalik, and his mother, Stella Michalik, said that he has had health problems, including addictions to alcohol and prescription drugs. They expressed concern for Michalik ability to get the help he needs in state prison.

feel that the charge of murder is extreme and ask you to consider reducing the amount of time he will spend in a prison facility that is clearly unequipped to offer him the help he so desperately needs, his family wrote.

The family statement also indicated that Alfred Michalik was not lenient toward his son when it came to the younger Michalik substance abuse.

maintained a constant vigil, trying to treat his son with the only tools he knew, sternness, and as he would put it, psychology,’ they wrote. The reverse psychology, they said, was Alfred Michalik philosophy that way to make someone what you would like him to be is to tell him that he can never achieve it. substance abuse was evident in a note he wrote and left in the cabin after he shot his father. A neighbor found the note, dated Nov. 8, after Michalik family called him from New Jersey with concerns about Alfred Michalik well being.

According to Benson, when family and neighbors called and asked to speak to Alfred Michalik, Alan Michalik repeatedly told them his father was sleeping or out hunting.

took too many pills, Alan Michalik scrawled on a piece of paper. dad is under this pallet and bedspring. I, Alan W. Michalik, shot my dad and myself. I lost my mind. God please forgive me.


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