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Security across the capital was tight but there appeared to be far smaller crowds than expected, with some areas where barriers were erected almost empty.

Scotland Yard said no arrests were made in London during the morning, wholesale jerseys although many onlookers were furious that taxpayers were paying most of the funeral bill.

Inside the famous church, more than 2,300 guests paid tribute, led by the former politician’s children Mark and Carol and her two grandchildren Michael and Amanda.

Sitting a few rows behind them among today’s parliamentarians was Chancellor George Osborne, who had tears running down his face.

Aides to the Cabinet minister declined to elaborate on his emotional response, saying it “speaks for itself”.

More than 30 members of the Iron Lady’s cabinets, including Lord Heseltine and Lord Howe who played a key role in her downfall, were at the service.

Alongside them were dignitaries from around 170 countries, including two heads of state and 11 serving prime ministers.

No one from the White House was there, but former US vice president Dick Cheney and ex secretary of state Henry Kissinger attended in a private capacity.

More than 50 guests were associated with the Falklands, including one of the conflict’s most well known veterans Simon Weston.

Figures from the entertainment world included Sir Terry Wogan, Jeremy Clarkson, Katherine Jenkins, Joan Collins and Lord Lloyd Webber.

The main service was conducted with more pomp and ceremony than any funeral seen in London since the death of the Queen Mother in 2002.

Lady Thatcher had planned it to the last detail and at her express wish, her granddaughter Amanda read the first lesson.

David Cameron read from the Gospel and the Bishop of London gave an address which deliberately steered clear of talking about her political legacy.

He said: “The storm of conflicting opinions centres on the Mrs Thatcher who became a symbolic figure even an “ism”.

“Today the remains of the real Margaret Hilda Thatcher are here at her funeral service. Lying here, she is one of us, subject to the common destiny of all human beings.

“There is an important place for debating policies and legacy; for assessing the impact of political decisions on the everyday lives of individuals and communities.

“Parliament held a frank debate last week but here and today is neither the time nor the place.”

Music by British composers was played at the beginning and end of the service, and the hymns reflected aspects of Lady Thatcher’s life.

They included He Who Would Valiant Be, Love Divine All Loves Excelling to mark the influence of her Methodist upbringing and I Vow To Thee My Country because of her love for the nation.

At the end, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby gave the blessing before the coffin was removed by bearers from units linked to the Falklands War.

The waiting crowd gave three cheers as it emerged, after which the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh joined Lady Thatcher’s family on the Cathedral steps.

The ceremony followed a sombre procession through central London, which was on lockdown with 4,000 police officers on duty in case of any unrest.

Many among those lining the streets appeared to be Thatcher supporters, although others booed or performed a silent protest as the coffin passed.

The honours had started at dawn with the lowering of flags over government buildings all around the country, where they will remain until dusk.

Big Ben then fell silent at 9.45am and did not chime again until 1pm, in a mark of respect from the institution that made Lady Thatcher’s name.

Her coffin, which had rested in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft in Westminster overnight,http://www.cheapjerseysgty4.top was removed from Parliament at 10am.

People applauded as the hearse made its way up Whitehall past Downing Street the politician’s home for more than a decade.

A hand written card from her two children placed in a single large white flower arrangement resting on the coffin read: “Beloved mother, always in our hearts”.

Transferred to a gun carriage outside St Clement Danes Church, it was then escorted by hundreds of troops to St Paul’s for the service.


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