Saskatchewan town on edge as great horned owl attacks dogs

heard a shriek and then the owl grabbed a hold of him, dragged him about four feet and was going back and forth, Hingston recalled of the attack. actually had to kick the owl to get him to let go.

She said her dog is doing well despite having a few talon marks on his chest and back.

know a lot of people around town are saying, it should just be left alone but at the same time, what about our animals? There a lot of small animals in town.

Kerry Wrishko,canada goose a conservation officer with the Environment Ministry, said it not unusual for owls to attack small, domesticated animals if no other food options are available.

Great horned owls are the most common owl species in Saskatchewan and usually prey on mice and rabbits, although they been known to attack animals as large as a Canada goose, he said.

can blame the owl. They just doing what comes natural. They got to eat.

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Wrishko confirmed that one of his staff did see a great horned owl during a visit to Aberdeen shortly after the attacks in March, but many people in town say that particular bird hasn been seen since.

Some residents also stress that many owls come and go from the village and more than one bird could be responsible for the attacks.

Moving the bird that been spotted several times in the spruce tree is not an option, Wrishko said. That means if Aberdeen officials want to get rid of the owl, the ministry will have to kill it.


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