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After calling Donald Trump a “loser” on Twitter last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D Mass.) isn finished criticizing the Republican presidential candidate just yet.

The senator, known for advocating for tighter regulations on Wall Street, went on CBS’ “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night to comment about Trump business history. cheap nfl jerseys She said that electing Trump to fix the economy is like calling on an arsonist to put out a fire. Warren interview with Colbert comes a week after the progressive lawmakerpublished a series of tweets criticizing Trump, calling out his failed businesses and bullying tactics.

Warren continued her effort to discredit Trump business success on “The Late Show,” saying Trump “win, win” history is the result of a $1 millioninheritance from his father that he kept alive by “cheating and defrauding people.” When Colbert added that Trump has never broken the law, Warren quickly suggested that Trump just hasn been caught yet.

“We have an economy that in real trouble, but when the economy is in this kind of trouble, calling on Donald Trump for help is like if your house is on fire calling an arsonist to come help out,” she said.

When Colbert asked Warren if her Twitter rant about Trump was just a pander to Trump “name calling,” Warren clarified her tweets were meant to call out the real estate mogul for running on his business success, which she said she and her supporters don fall for.”He started out rich, and cheated his way to getting richer,” she said.

“This is what I really love seeing Democrats are out there fighting over the things that affect America families,” Warren said. “Between Secretary Clinton and Sen. Sanders, they talking about should it be free college or should it be debt free college. God bless, that is the right place to have the discussion.”

Warren continued to dodge questions about her endorsement for a Democratic presidential candidate, but said Sanders supporters should still vote for Clinton if she wins the nomination instead.

Eagle helps solve goose problem at Nanoose Bay golf course

Problems with Canada geese at the Fairwinds Golf Course in Nanoose Bay have been largely dealt with, thanks to the efforts of Eddie the Eagle and his handler, Anne Sison.

Eddie, a 14 year old bald eagle, and Sison have worked at the golf course for the past four years scaring off the geese that had been getting in the way of golfers and dropping large amounts of feces on the fields.

Murphy scares the large birds into the air and when they see Eddie circling overhead, they usually depart from the area quickly, in fear they will become his next meal.

Sison, a professional falconer, said she was 18 years old when she bought Eddie from a licensed dealer in Ontario when he was just 10 months old.

“When Eddie is on patrol over the golf course, the geese always leave the area immediately once they have spotted him,” she said.

“Bald eagles can live to be 30 years old or more so I’m hoping he’ll be with me for awhile yet. He’s probably my best friend and he has helped me get through some life crises over the years that I have had him.”

Sison said she became interested in birds of prey when she was just a child in Ontario and found an injured owl near her parents’ cabin and nursed it back to health.

She apprenticed under a falconer for a number of years and, after completing studies at the Canadian School of Traditional Falconry, she was then eligible to attain permits and licenses to own and care for her own birds.

Because of her expertise and success with geese control, she has been interviewed by major radio stations, television shows and national newspapers to speak about how she has created the most effective and humane programs for geese control.

The methods she has developed have been proven over and over again successfully.

At one point, Sison had 11 birds, including three bald eagles and a number of falcons and owls, and worked with them to deal with bird problems at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and landfills in the area.


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